Magbike M-460 | Exercise bike for seniors and everybody else | Hometrainer voor ouderen en al de rest!
Exsercise bike M-460 side view
Magbike M-460 with a large digital display and hand contact sensors for heart rate measurement
Adjustable resistance with 8 intermediate steps on the M-460 exercise bike
Magbike M-460 dimensions technical drawing

Magbike M-460 | Exercise bike

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Experience the perfect combination of simplicity and effectiveness with the M-460, the affordable entry-level stationary bike that doesn’t compromise on quality!

Elevate Your Home Cardio Game with the Magbike M-460

This exercise bike is a compact and versatile machine designed for regular use and cardio training at home. Its low step-in height also makes it an ideal exercise bike for seniors or anyone undergoing rehabilitation.

Some advantages:

  • Low step-in height
  • Ergonomic adjustable handlebars
  • Adjustable comfort saddle
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Training computer with display of various parameters
  • Heart rate function
  • Non-slip pedals with adjustable straps


A low step-in exercise bike is ideal for seniors.

This type of bike reduces the risk of falls and injuries when getting on and off the bike. As we age, our balance and mobility may decline, making it harder to lift our legs over the high frame of traditional exercise bikes. With a low step-in design, seniors can easily and safely mount and dismount the bike, reducing the risk of accidents and making it easier to use on a regular basis. Additionally, low step-in exercise bikes often have adjustable seat heights and handlebars, allowing seniors to customize the bike to their individual needs and comfort levels, which can help reduce discomfort and strain during exercise.

Ergonomic design for comfortable workouts

The Magbike M-460 has adjustable handlebars and a comfortable saddle that can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically to suit your needs. The ergonomically shaped handlebars help you maintain a relaxed posture during your workout. In addition, the wide-shaped footrests provide extra stability and help keep your feet in place.

Adjustable resistance levels for varied workouts

With 8 resistance levels and a rotating mass of 7 kg, the Magbike M-460 can provide enough resistance for both light and intense workouts. Whether you want a leisurely ride or a more intense training session, this exercise bike will have you covered.

Training computer with heart rate function

The Magbike M-460 exercise bike comes with an exercise computer that displays various parameters, including time, workout speed, distance, calories burned and TPM (revolutions per minute). In addition, the built-in heart rate sensors in the handlebars allow you to monitor your heart rate during your workout. The large LCD screen (13 x 6 cm) offers a clear and easy-to-read display of your progress.

Compatibility with BitGym App

You can make your cycling sessions even more enjoyable with the BitGym app, which is compatible with all cardio equipment. The app uses patented technology and a front-facing camera on your tablet or phone to accurately measure the cadence of your workout. This helps you get the most out of your workout and track your progress.

Easy to store and move

The Magbike M-460 exercise bike is compact and easy to store when not in use. Transport wheels make it easy to move the bike from room to room, allowing you to keep your workout routine flexible and convenient.

In summary, the Magbike M-460 exercise bike is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a versatile and comfortable machine for regular cardio training at home. With adjustable resistance levels, heart rate monitoring and compatibility with the BitGym app, this exercise bike offers a challenging and effective workout experience.

Made for all who wants to be fit and a perfect exercise bike for seniors!