Fieldpower MULTI COMBI
Fieldpower MULTI COMBI
Fieldpower MULTI COMBI

Fieldpower MULTI COMBI

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A unique training device

FieldPower offers a revolutionary way of training without limitations.

The FieldPower delivers a unique almost constant resistance during both eccentric and concentric movements at low and high velocities. With resistance at any direction, it is the perfect device for resistance and assistance training.

Specifications & Information
  • FieldPower Multi (Medium), ideal for light to medium resistance training or rehabilitation. Ideal for Fitness and rehabilitation.
  • the tower has 2 light-to-medium cords (1,5 to 7kg per cord, up to 14kg per cord in double setting)
  • both cords have a multi setting for 3 dimensional force direction.
  • maximal range is 11 meter (5 meter with double setting)
  • includes multi-contact vest, 360 belt, palm strap set, ankle strap set, upper leg set, 2 strap bands, manuals